Welcome to MixedEmotions Platform

The MixedEmotions platform is a Big Data Toolbox for multilingual and multimodal emotion extraction and analysis. It can extract emotions from text, audio and video. However, it also has many other capabilities, such as sentiment analysis, social network analysis and knowledge graphs visualization among others.

MixedEmotions develops innovative multilingual multi-modal Big Data analytics applications. Our tools analyse a more complete emotional profile of user behavior using data from mixed input channels:

  • multilingual text data sources
  • A/V signal input (multilingual speech, audio, video)
  • social media (social network, comments)
  • and structured data.

The MixedEmotions platform has been developed in the context of the MixedEmotions Project, for more info: http://mixedemotions-project.eu/

For more info please contact us at: