The MixedEmotions big data platform is a software tool conceived to enable efficient processing of diverse data sources in order to identify sentiments and emotions in context. The main properties of the platform are the following:

  • Multimedia data ingestion and processing. The platform is capable of collecting data from multiple modalities including text, audio and video. Processing includes the measurement of sentiments and emotions across modalities as well as recognition and linking of topics and entities.
  • Scalability. The platform has “big data” capabilities - it can be scaled to match the volume of input data, from a few thousand items on a single machine to billions of items processed across the cloud.
  • Multilingual data processing. The platform is prepared to handle data in multiple languages. It has high quality models for Spanish, English, Italian and Czech as well as models for more than 15 European languages built with the aid of machine translation.

The issue tracker on our GitHub repository to can be used for opening discussions on potential improvements to code and documentation.

The MixedEmotions platform modules list.